About Me

Hey guys!

My name is Sam and I’m from a small town in Pennsylvania called Orwigsburg.  Most of you are probably wondering where this is and it’s about two hours North of Philadelphia. I’m currently a Junior at Kent State University studying Public Relations with a minor in Sports Administration. When I’m not at my internship, I’m hanging out with friends or hiking. I’m the one person in my family who would rather be in the mountains than the beach. The one thing I miss most about being home is my dog, Louie. He’s a beagle mix and will do anything to get attentiThis is a picture of myself at the 18th Greater Cleveland Ports Awards for my internship at the Sports Commissionon.

I grew up with two brothers ages 24 and 15. Both of my brothers always played sports which is what made me want to pursue a career in sports. I started my first internship this year at the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission.

This blog is all about how to survive your first internship. The first day of your first internship can be scary. You don’t know what to expect. You worry about messing up. You wonder if you’ll make friends with the other interns. You also don’t know what to wear. These are all normal thoughts. This blog will go over any questions or thoughts you may have throughout your internship.

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