Keep Communication Open

Communication is key. You want to keep open communication with not only your employer but also your professors. As most of you know, a lack of communication can lead to a messy situation. Sometimes you can forget to inform people about things and sometimes that can be okay, but when it involves your professors and boss(es) that’s a whole other thing.

If you have an event for your internship, make sure you inform your professors about the event. If you feel like you are falling behind in school work and you’re stressed let your boss(es) know. Most of the time they will be understanding if you are just open and honest with them.

Having a good relationship with your professors and boss(es) is a great way to keep open communication with them. There was a time when I felt really behind in schoolwork and I just needed a day to get all my work done. Having class twice a week, an internship at least three times a week, and working another job on the weekend leaves time for school work and friends very limited. I explained the situation to my boss and asked if I could just work in the morning and she was very understanding. She’s been in my shoes before and knew exactly what I was going through. By having a good relationship with my boss and open communication I was able to work a half day and then do all my schoolwork.

The same thing goes for professors. Once you get into your major classes, you start to have the same professors over and over again which can be a great thing. If they have had you in class a few times, they know how you are and what activities you’re involved in. I personally haven’t had to ask my professors for an extension on anything but I know people that have. Just like my boss, these professors were very understanding. As long as you are open about what’s going on and you tell your professor when you can get the assignment in they will most likely be okay with it. (I’m not saying to do this every time though!)

Having a good relationship is one way to help when it comes to communicating with your professors and boss(es). Some tips on creating this relationship are by putting yourself in their shoes. Think about what questions they are going to ask

v16glrzn8yyou and be prepared for them. Show value. Show them that you will come in earlier or stay later at work one day. Show them that you will get the assignment in as soon as possible. Forbes wrote an article about improving your relationship with your boss which can help in your internship and school.


One other situation I have come across with miscommunication is between two of my supervisors. I was told one thing by one supervisor and another thing by another supervisor. When I was stuck in this position I wasn’t really sure what to do. I ended up talking to my supervisor in charge of the event and he got everything figured out. This was another case in where I had to use good communication to let me supervisor know why I was so confused. Communication skills for workplace success talk about top ten communication skills. The one skill it talks about that I find important is picking the right medium. I personally think that in any situation where there is miscommunication it is best to talk in person.

What are some situations where you have experienced miscommunication?

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